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Coin Operated Lockers

Coin Operated Lockers


  • ●International Exhibition Hall 1-8
    Central Entrance
    Small / Medium / Large
    In front of Hall 1 and 2
    Small / Medium / Large
    In front of Hall 7
    Small / Medium / Large
    In front of Hall 8
    Small / Medium / Large
  • ●International Exhibition Hall 9-11
    In front of Hall 10
    Small / Medium / Large
    In front of Hall 11
    Small / Large
  • ●Makuhari Event Hall
    1st and 2nd floor
  • ●Front square
    Outside of International Conference Hall 1F
    Small / Medium
  • ●Bus Stop Area
    1st floor
charge/day (Time limit: Up to 3 days ) Height Depth Width
Large (¥700) 78cm 48cm 34cm
Medium (¥400/¥500) 51cm 42cm 34cm
Small (¥300) 29.5cm 42cm 34cm

* Additional charge (Charge for a day) is added after 12am.

* Large lockers will hold a normal suitcase.


  • ■Location
    Central Entrance(ATM・Change Machine)
    In front of Hall 9 (Change Machine)
  • ■Operating days / hours
    8:00 - 20:00(Operating hours may change depends on events schedule.)

■Bank / AEON Bank / SEVEN Bank

  • UnionPay


  • MasterCard


  • Maestro


  • Cirrus


  • VISA


  • PLUS


※ Foreign currency exchange service is not available at Makuhari Messe. Chiba Bank (weekly 9:00-15:00) at World Business Garden or AEON MALL Makuhari New City Grand Mall 2F Money Plaza (10:00-22:00) are available.


Restroom with Baby Seat

■Restroom with Baby Seat

Baby seats (diaper-changing beds) are available as shown below.

  • RestroomRestroom
  • Toilet with baby seatToilet with baby seat
  • Women's toilet with baby seatWomen's toilet with baby seat
Wheelchair accessible stall

■Wheelchair Accessible Restroom.

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available throughout the facilities, .

  • Wheelchair accessible stallWheelchair Accessible Restroom


Facilities for Ostomates (including a warm-water handheld shower and sink) are available as shown below.

  • OstmatesOstmates

Information Center

Information Center
  • ■Location
    Central Entrance
  • Makuhari Messe information

Business Center

Business Center
  • ■Location
    Central Entrance
  • ■Service Menu
    Print, copy and FAX services
  • ■Business Hour

    Open depends on event schedule

  • ■TEL


  • ■COPY location
    International Conference Hall 1F,2F
  • ■Prices
    Black and white copy:
     ¥10 / piece (B5 · A4 · B4 · A3 size)
    Color copy:
     ¥70 /piece (B5 · A4 · B4 · A3 size)
  • ■FAX
    A facsimile service is available at the Makuhari Messe Inc. office reception on the 1st floor of the International Conference Hall.

Smoking Area

Smoking Area


  • ●International Exhibition Hall 1-8

    In front of Hall 3
    In front of Hall 4
    In front of Hall 8

  • ●Makuhari Event Hall

    2nd floor

Nursing room

  • Nursing room
  • Nursing room
  • Nursing room
  • ■Location
    Central Entrance
  • ■Facility
    Nursing space (3 separate booths), diaper-changing beds, Wash basin, Formula water heater
  • ■Open hours
    The facility is open for the event* period.(*Event held at Exhibition Hall 1-11 and Makuhari Event Hall)
    8:00〜20:00 (may change depends on the event schedule)
  • Nursing roomNursing room

Bicycle Parking(Free)

Bicycle Parking Space


  • Outside of hall 1, Outdoor Exhibition Space side
    Outside of hall 9, Messe-odori St. side
    Bicycle including Motorcycle (Under 50cc) can use bicycle parking.
    Motorcycle (more than 51cc displacement), please use Makuhari Messe Parking (\200).
    ※ Not able to use bicycle parking depends on event schedule.

AED(Automated External Defibrillator)

AED(Aitomated External Defibrillator)

An AED is a medical device that assists patients struck by ventricular fibrillation due to cardiac arrest, applying an electric shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm.

AED are available as shown below.