Makuhari Event Hall

Makuhari Event Hall


This multi-purpose hall has a capacity of 9,000 people and 3,098 square meter arena. Makuhari Event Hall can be used for a variety of events from concerts, ceremonies and exhibitions to sporting events. An abundance of hanging batons and hooks (over 100) affixed to the ceiling above the arena make any type of staging possible.

Makuhari Event Hall
Total floor area
Total building area
Arena area
Ceiling height
Fixed Seats
3,948 seats
Movable Seats
912 seats
Temporary Seats
approx. 3,000 seats

Floor Map

Makuhari Event Hall 1F
  • Arena


  • Waiting Room 1

    Waiting Room 1

  • Waiting Room 4

    Waiting Room 4

  • VIP Reception Room

    Reception Room

  • Rehearsal Room

    Rehearsal Room

Major Facilities
VIP Reception Room 62m²
Waiting Room 1 45m²
Waiting Room 2 40m²
Waiting Room 3 95m²
Waiting Room 4 125m²
Waiting Room 5 95m²
Rehearsal Room 320m²
Makuhari Event Hall 2F
  • Main Lobby

    Main Lobby

  • Fixed Seats

    Fixed Seats
    (3,888 seats)

  • Movable Seats

    Movable Seats
    (456 seats x 2)

  • Box Seats

    Box Seats
    (60 seats)


Floor Plans

  • Makuhari Event Hall1F
  • Makuhari Event Hall2F
  • Makuhari Event Hall3F
  • Makuhari Event Hall detail 1F
  • Makuhari Event Hall detail 2F
  • Makuhari Event Hall Sheet