International Exhibition Hall 1-8

International Exhibition Hall 1-8


This facility is comprised of Hall 1-8 for a spacious total of 54,000 square meters of exhibition space. Movable partitions can be used to divide this space into eight halls without pillars. Pits for various utilities such as electricity and water are built into the floors of exhibition spaces, and ceiling height is from 15 to 30 meters, allowing plenty of flexibility for your presentation.

International Exhibition Hall 1-8
Total floor area
Total building area
Exhibition area
  • 54,000m²
  • (6,750m²×8 Halls)
Ceiling height
15 - 30m
Floor load
Max 5t/m²

Floor Map

International Exhibition Hall 1-8 1F
International Exhibition Hall 1-8 2F

International Exhibition Hall 1-8

  • Exhibition Hall

    Exhibition Hall

  • Floor Box

    Floor Box

  • Organizer's Room

    Organizer's Room

  • Multipurpose Room

    Multipurpose Room

Major Facilities
Organizer's Room 8 rooms (116m²)
Multipurpose Room 8 rooms (181m²)
Discussion Corner 8 rooms (116m²)
Lounge 8 rooms (62m²)
Meeting Room 2,5,8 Hall (116m²)
1,3,4,6,7 Hall (82m²)

※There is a system of trenches and floor boxes set at every sixmeters embedded in the floor of each of the exhibition halls.

Electrical Floor Box
The electrical floor box provides electricity, telephone lines and closed-circuit TV.
Mechanical Floor Box
The mechanical floor box provides natural gas, water, drainage and compressed air.
An addition trench called the [sub-pit] can be used for other types of ducts and piping.

Floor Plans

  • Floor Plans1
  • Floor Plans2
  • Floor Plans3
  • Floor Plans4
  • Floor Plans5
  • Floor Plans6
  • Floor Plans7
  • Floor Plans8