International Exhibition Hall 9-11

International Exhibition Hall 9-11


This exhibition hall has a total of 18,000 square meters that can be divided into three sections by using movable partitions. Hall 9 has 9,000 square meters and can accommodate heavy exhibits. Hall 10 and Hall 11 each measure 4,500 square meters. International Exhibition Hall 1-8 and the Messe Mall walkway with a fountain and rich greenery can both be accessed directly from the second floor for integrated use with other Makuhari Messe facilities.

International Exhibition Hall 9-11
Total floor area
Total building area
Exhibition area
  • 18,000m²
  • 9 Hall:9,000m²
  • 10-11 Hall:4,500m² each
Ceiling height
16 - 34m
Floor load
  • 9 Hall:5t/m²
  • 10-11 Hall:3t/m²

Floor Map

International Exhibition Hall 9-11 1F
International Exhibition Hall 9-11 2F

International Exhibition Hall 9-11 1F

  • Exhibition Hall

    Exhibition Hall

  • Organizer's Room

    Organizer's Room

  • Multipurpose Room

    Multipurpose Room

Major Facilities
Organizer's Room 3 rooms (68m²-92m²)
Multipurpose Room 4 rooms (65m²-92m²)

*There is a system of trenches and floor boxes set a every six meters embedded in the floor of each of the exhibition halls.

Electrical Floor Box
The electrical floor box provides electricity, telephone lines and closed-circuit TV.
Mechanical Floor Box
The mechanical floor box provides natural gas, water, drainage and compressed air.
An addition trench called the [sub-pit] can be used for other types of ducts and piping.

International Exhibition Hall 9-11 2F

  • Esplanade


  • Conference Room

    Conference Room

  • Meeting Room

    Meeting Room

  • Conference Room

    Conference Room

Major Facilities
Conference Room 5 rooms (83m²-124m²)
Meeting Room 3 rooms (130m²)
Conference Room 1 room (176m²)

Floor Plans

  • 1F
  • 2F
  • Floor Box