Global warming initiatives

Global warming initiatives

We are actively implementing energy-conservation measures such as installation of highly efficient lighting that consumes minimal energy, automatic water faucets, and water-saving toilet flushing systems.

We are actively implementing environmentally friendly measures such as by selecting carbon offset (using recycled materials) products when changing carpets on the premises.

As a measure for preserving limited water sources, we are using treated and recycled discharge wastewater for toilet tanks.

Local community initiatives

  • Local community initiatives
  • Local community initiatives

A conference is held with Makuhari New City companies to handle the various issues that arise with the hosting of functions held at Makuhari Messe. We have taken on the function of organizer. Our key activities are as below.

To welcome visitors to Makuhari New City, we have installed “Welcome” banners on the street lights along the main roads.

We actively participate in the "Makuhari New City Machizukuri Kyogikai," which is comprised of companies located in Makuhari New City. Activities include environment beautification activities such as maintenance and administration of flowerbeds, clean-up campaigns and anti-crime activities.

To review specific policies that improve communication and in turn vitalize the Makuhari New City area, we participate in the "Makuhari New City Nigiwaizukuri Kenkyukai," which is an organization of companies, residents, universities and governments, and take part in various projects for vitalization.

Social/cultural activity initiatives


We support New Philharmonic Orchestra Chiba.